2024 is Our Biggest Year Yet!

Dive into the bubbly excitement of 2024 as Bubble Rush returns. No competition, just pure fun at your own pace, with foam cannons, coloured bubbles, and charitable impact. Mark your calendar with our tour dates, and let’s make 2024 a year of laughter, joy, and gratitude.

5 Reasons Why Charities Should Partner with Bubble Rush for Fundraising

Bubble rush race

Bubble Rush races aren’t just about colourful fun—they’re also incredible opportunities for charities to amplify their fundraising efforts. Here are five compelling reasons why charities should consider partnering with us. 1. Profitable Fundraising Opportunities Bubble Rush races generate significant profits for the charities involved. These events tend to attract enthusiastic participants and supporters who are […]

Tips To Maximise Sponsorship for Your Bubble Rush

Bubble Rush race

If you are gearing up for your race and seeking sponsorship to ensure you hit your targets, here are some tips… 1. Create an Engaging Fundraising Page Your fundraising page is the heart of your campaign. It should tell a compelling story. Explain why you’re running for a cause, share race details (date, location, etc.) […]

Creating Impactful and Memorable Charity Events

Helen & Douglas House Bubble Rush 2023

Raising awareness, generating support, and inspiring positive change. This article explores the strategies and elements that contribute to the success of a charity event, from setting clear objectives and engaging the community to designing unforgettable experiences and maximising fundraising efforts. By harnessing the power of technology and evaluating their impact, we can create events that […]

Maximising Sponsorship and Partnership Opportunities for Charity Events

Helen & Douglas House Bubble Rush 2023 Event Village

Whether you are a non-profit professional, event organiser, or a charity, Bubble Rush has some valuable insights for maximising sponsorship and partnership opportunities for charity events. Charity events play a crucial role in raising funds and awareness for important causes. However, organising these events can be costly, and that’s where sponsorship and partnership opportunities come […]

Emerging Trends and Strategies in Event Fundraising

Demelza Bubble Rush medal for Maidstone

As a seasoned fundraising team, you’re undoubtedly familiar with the challenges that traditional in-person events face in the aftermath of the pandemic—limited budgets, venue woes, volunteer recruitment struggles, and the delicate task of convincing individuals to contribute during a cost-of-living crisis. Add to that the formidable hurdles of standing out in a crowded space and […]