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Welcome to Bubble Rush – the UK’s foamiest fun run!

Bubble Rush is a fun run for everyone. Join the fun run through coloured bubbles!


Family Fun

Everyone’s welcome at Bubble Rush – there’s no minimum or maximum age limit!
Tots and teens, grown-ups and grandparents can all enjoy the pushchair and wheelchair-friendly course together.

Walk, run, toddle or dance!

It’s not a race! Bubble Rush events are not timed, so you’re not racing against anyone.

However you choose to take on the bubbles the most important thing is that you finish with a smile on your face!

Coloured Bubbles!

At Bubble Rush you start in a sea of foam and around the course you’ll encounter 4 bubble stations filled with masses of colourful bubbles!

Plus, it’s a 2-lap course, so you go through each bubble station twice!

Do it for Charity!

Every Bubble Rush is organised in partnership with a local charity.

Have fun in the foam and make every bubbly step count by raising funds!