To inspire other charities to get involved we want to take a closer look at Demelza Hospice Care for Children and how they use Bubble Rush events to draw in crowds and funds for their cause. Launched in 2015, these events have become a staple in Demelza’s busy calendar.

Let’s take a closer look at why Bubble Rush has become such a hit and how it’s making a difference…

What is Bubble Rush?

Bubble Rush is a 5km fun run completed over two laps, featuring four bubble stations filled with colourful bubbles. Participants, regardless of age or ability, get to experience the joy of running through clouds of bubbles not once, but twice. The course is designed to be pushchair and wheelchair-friendly, ensuring that everyone can take part comfortably. And to top it off, participants receive a Bubble Rush t-shirt and a medal.

Inclusivity Matters

One of the most remarkable aspects of Bubble Rush is its inclusivity. Unlike many other charity events, Bubble Rush welcomes everyone with open arms. Families with wheelchair users, children with complex conditions, and even young toddlers with pushchairs can participate without any barriers. This inclusivity has been a significant factor in the event’s success, ensuring that everyone can join in the fun and support a worthy cause.

Acquisition and Longevity

Bubble Rush isn’t just about having a good time; it’s also a fantastic acquisition opportunity for Demelza. With over 20,000 participants attending these events, they serve as a powerful platform for raising awareness about the charity’s mission and garnering support from the community. What’s more, many participants go on to become dedicated fundraisers for the charity, further strengthening its impact.

Moreover, Bubble Rush has proven its longevity, with a significant portion of participants returning year after year!

Safe and Environmentally Friendly

The bubble solution used at Bubble Rush events is mild and harmless, tested to ensure it’s safe for human consumption. The colourful dye used in the bubbles is the same as that found in food coloring, and all materials used are environmentally friendly.

Looking Ahead

Even amidst the challenges posed by Covid-19 and the cost of living crisis, Bubble Rush continues to thrive. By adapting pricing and marketing strategies, Demelza has ensured that these events remain successful and impactful. As Katherine Cordrey, Head of Regional Fundraising and Events at Demelza, rightly puts it, “Bubble Rush isn’t just another event on the calendar—it’s an experience cherished by families across Kent, South East London, and East Sussex.”

Inspired by Demelza’s Bubble Rush success story?

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As we look forward to the year ahead, let’s bubble up for a 2024!

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