How do you know what to expect when you sign up to Bubble Rush? Thanks to our lovely bubblers who take the time to share their experiences you can read all about it!

When it comes to filling your calendar there’s a mind-boggling choice of events and activities to choose from.  It could be you’re looking for ways to get fit, encourage the kids to get outside or things to do with family and friends at the weekend.   So how do you know what to expect when you sign up? Well, you could do worse than take advice from people who know!

During 2019 our lovely bubblers left some amazing feedback on Facebook, so we thought sharing some of their experiences might explain why, whatever your motivation,  the UK’s foamiest fun run is a good choice:  

1. Everyone’s welcome! There aren’t many events where there is no minimum or maximum age limit. But at Bubble Rush we really do want everyone to enjoy the colourful bubbles.  From mums and tots through to grans and grandpas we have welcomed everyone.  It’s a great way to get the generations together to make memories.

Fantastic fun for all ages and abilities. Well organised and safe. Staff were brilliant. (15th June)

It was brill our 3 boys loved it, 2 are autistic and they loved the bubbles (29th June)

Lots of fun for all the family no matter what age group and no rush to complete the course (17th June)

We had an amazing time. It was great fun for all the family. My son has Autism and we thought the crowds might have been too much for him but is was so well organized it didn’t feel like you were in a crowd of over a 1000. He loved the different coloured foam stations. Can’t wait for it to come back to Dublin again. It is definitely one for all the family to enjoy. (9th August)

2. It’s not a race – at Bubble Rush you take it at your own pace.  You’re not up against anyone else, or the clock.  It’s two laps of 2.5k and you can choose how you take on the bubbles.

There was no pressure for non runners, all about fun great for all ages. (14th July)

Fun filled activity, you can run, dance, skip or walk around – totally perfect for all ages! Such a good event! (11th May)

3. It raises funds for charity – Every Bubble Rush is organised in partnership with a local hospice or hospital charity.  There’s no minimum sponsorship requirement, but we ask everyone signing up to do something to support the charity and make every bubbly step count.

So much fun, and for a great cause, would do it again in a heartbeat. (8th September)

Loads of bubbles and lots of fun whilst raising money for a very good cause (6th April)

An amazing fun time with my friends and our children, raising money for a wonderful cause! Our 3 girls have raised over £300 between them! (27th April)

Brilliant fun day for all the family and raising money at the same time  (22nd September)

4. It’s great fun – OK so every event organiser says their event is fun, that you’ll make memories and have the experience of your life.  But Bubble Rush is the ONLY event that has foam cannons pumping out masses of coloured bubbles!

Amazing. So well organised. lovely to see friends families just enjoying being out and having fun. so much laughter (11th May)

Amazinggggggggg…. 10 of my family members did this today and thoroughly enjoyed every second of it  (15th June)

great atmosphere and so much fun for everyone and all levels of fitness,we will be there next year,for a great cause xx

5. It’s a 5* experience: Don’t take our word for it – read the reviews for yourself!  Head over to our Facebook timeline and Reviews to see the photos, video and comments from our bubblers.

So a big ‘Thank you’ to everyone who has taken the time to share their photos, share and recommend their Bubble Rush experience– we really appreciate and value your feedback.  We’re so looking forward to taking the fun run through coloured bubbles around the UK again this summer and to sharing the foamy fun with you!

Bring on the bubbles!