The bubble solution is a mild soapy liquid. It is water-based and is milder than the bubbles used in household soap, shower gel or washing up liquid. 

The dye used to colour the foam is synthetic and used in food colourings.  It is suitable for nut allergy sufferers and is gluten free, vegetarian and vegan friendly.

We want everyone to be able to enjoy Bubble Rush and aim to make all our routes wheelchair and pushchair-friendly.  Please be aware that the bubble stations are always on grass, and there may be uneven ground and pathways on some routes.

We advise you to bring a rain cover to protect the fabric of your chair or buggy as you go through the bubbles.

And of course as Bubble Rush is an outdoor event the weather may cause ground conditions to become muddy or slippery. 

Want more information?

For specific information about the access arrangements for your chosen event venue please check the event page or contact us.

As with all activities involving physical effort we recommend that anyone with a pre-existing medical condition checks with their GP before signing up for Bubble Rush.

We use a soap fluid to create the bubbles, and we are aware that this can cause skin irritation for some people.  So if you are an Eczema sufferer we would advise you to check with your doctor before signing up for Bubble Rush.

We advise you not to take part in Bubble Rush if you are pregnant.

But pushchairs are welcome, and there’s no minimum age limit at Bubble Rush – so we hope you’ll join us with your little one in the future!

For the safety of all our participants dogs, including assistance dogs, are not allowed to take part in Bubble Rush.  This includes dogs that can be carried.

At some venues spectators may bring dogs but they must be on a short lead and kept a safe distance from the course, and the bubble stations in particular.  

The event team will ask any spectators whose dogs are posing a risk to participants to move away, so please respect any instructions that are given. 

The bubble mixture is a very mild soap and the colour is a food colourant.  The foam created degrades very quickly and is not harmful to wildlife or vegetation.  

Before we get permission to run an event we provide the venue with a full event management plan and details of the products used to create the bubbles.

We have run more than 180 events in the last five years and no venue has ever raised any issues about Bubble Rush harming the environment in any way.

You will get damp as you go around the course so we suggest you bring a change of clothes for the journey home.

You may also want to have some towels to dry off, or protect your car seats!

There will be a bag drop in the event village, or you can take part with a small back pack. 

You should wear what you will feel comfortable walking, jogging or dancing 5k! 

Because the dye used to colour the bubbles can stain clothes, and skin, we recommend that you don’t wear your smartest running gear or newest white trainers.

Don’t forget you will get a Bubble Rush t-shirt as part of your entry fee, and you will need to wear this on the course so that you are easily identifiable to event staff and marshals as an event participant. 

You can accessorise your outfit with colourful Bubble Rush merchandise, which will be available to pre-order soon in our webshop.

All under 16s must be accompanied around the course at all times by a paying, participating adult. 

The Terms and Conditions of the event also require a ratio of one adult to two children.

Please refer to our Terms and Conditions for more information.