Bubble Rush 2021
It’s important to us that you enjoy your time at Bubble Rush, so before you sign up please take some time to read our event Terms & Conditions.

When you book with us, we assume that you have read and agreed to our Terms & Conditions, participant waiver and course rules.
Group bookings: If you are signing up on behalf of a family or group please ensure that everyone has been made aware of these Terms & Conditions and ensure that they consent to you accepting them on their behalf.


Please ensure you have read and agreed to these terms and conditions before registering to take part in Bubble Rush. If you do not agree with any of the below, do not enter the event.

The event organiser (the “Organiser”) referred to in these Terms and Conditions is Chicken Salad Events Ltd, a company registered in the UK, company number 12835476.

  1. Definitions 
  1. “Participant” or “you” means the person named on the Online Registration Form.
  2. Organiser means Chicken Salad Events Limited, a company registered in the UK, company number 12835476.
  3. Online Registration Form means the pages within the Website that must be completed by the Participant to book their place in the Event.
  4. Event means the specific Bubble Rush event that you have chosen to participate in on the Online Registration Form.
  5. Lead Name means the person who makes the booking/completes the online registration form.
  6. Entry Confirmation means confirmation that the Online Registration Form has been successfully completed (sent via email from the Organiser to the Participant).
  7. Website means www.bubble-rush.com.
  8. Event Venue means the place where the specific Bubble Rush event that you have selected on the Online Registration From and chosen to participate in will be held.
  9. Registration Fee means the cost of a place(s) in the Event that is to be paid by the Participant in order to participate in the Event.
  10. Charity Partner means the nominated charity that participants may choose to donate to/fundraise for as part of their preparation for the Bubble Rush Event.
  11. Event control means the Organiser’s designated senior management team member and/or location of the Organiser’s ‘office’ /event co-ordination point in the event village on the day of the Event.
  12. Event Day Information means the details of the organisational arrangements for the Event Day (including but not limited to timings, access arrangements and registration process), provided to participants by the Organiser.
  13. Event Team means a member of the Organiser’s staff (including course marshals) on the day of the Event…
  14. Adjusted Event means an Event delivered in such a way as the Organiser deems prudent and necessary, in response to Contagious Disease Control Requirements and/or in response to a Contagious Disease.
  15. Contagious Disease means any actual or anticipated disease (whether currently known or not, or whether foreseeable or not) which is contagious between people.
  16. COVID-19 means the global Coronavirus disease which as of the time of these Terms and Conditions has been officially designated a global pandemic by the World Health Organisation, which is commonly known as COVID-19 and which is caused by the virus named the severe acute respiratory syndrome Coronavirus 2 (SAR-CoV-2).
  17. “Contagious Disease Control Requirements” means rules and regulations provided by the UK government and/or local government that are applicable to mass participation event Organisers to minimise the transmission of, and protect individuals from, any contagious diseases (whether foreseeable or not) including COVID-19 or any other public health concern (such as, but not limited to, actual or potential outbreaks of disease, epidemics or pandemics).
    1. Data Protection Laws means the Data Protection Act 2018, Data Protection Directive (95/46/EC) and Regulation EU 2016/679 on the protection of natural persons with regard to the processing of personal data and on the free movement of such data (commonly known as the General Data Protection Regulation (the “GDPR”).

2. General

2.1 These Terms and Conditions apply to Participants taking part in Bubble Rush (the “Event”).
2.2 These Terms and Conditions contain important information regarding participation, and by purchasing your ticket(s)/ for the Event you accept and agree to follow these Terms and Conditions.
2.3 All Participants taking part in the Event do so at their own risk. In no event shall the Organiser be liable for any injuries, loss or damages whatsoever.
2.4 By completing the Online Registration Form, Participants confirm that they are happy for their names and any footage or photographs taken by the official event photographer(s) during the Event to be used by the Organiser to publicise Bubble Rush.  It is the responsibility of the Participants to inform the Organiser before the Event and/or Event Control on the day of the Event if they do not wish to be photographed or filmed by an official event photographer.
2.5 We kindly request that NO DOGS are brought along to the Event. Dogs are not permitted on the course or in the bubbles.
2.6 The Organiser reserves the right to update these Terms and Conditions in relation to the Event at any time. All Participants will be provided with the updated Terms and Conditions in advance of the Event as part of the Event Day Information and they will be available on the day of the event.

3. Registration
3.1 Participants understand that Registration Fees will go direct to the Organiser.
3.2 Participants must submit an Online Registration Form via the Website with the correct non-refundable Registration Fee.
3.3 All ages of participants are welcome to take part in the Event.
3.4 Child tickets: A Child is defined by the Organiser as an individual under 16 years of age on the day of the Event. All Children must be accompanied at all times around the course by a Responsible Adult.
3.4.1 The Responsible Adult must participate in the Event.
3.4.2 A Responsible Adult is defined by the Organiser as a person over 18 years of age on the day of the Event. It is assumed by the Organiser that the Responsible Adult has agreed to take responsibility for the Child. 
3.4.3 The Organiser may require proof of age for the Child and/or the Responsible Adult on the day of the Event, and that they have the permission of the child’s parent/guardian to participate in the Event before allowing them to take part.
3.4.4 One Responsible Adult can accompany two Children.
3.5 Children under 3 years of age can take part for free but will not receive a t-shirt or medal, unless this is purchased as an additional item via the Website.
3.6 Your Registration Fee is non-refundable. Insurance for your booking can be obtained at the point of purchase. Please read the terms and conditions of the insurance before your purchase.
3.7 Once the Online Registration Form has been completed, confirmation of your Entry will be sent to your email address (“Entry Confirmation”). You should check your Inbox, Spam and Junk folders to ensure you have received your Entry Confirmation. If you do not receive an Entry Confirmation, your registration has not been successful, and you will not be able to take part in the Event.
3.8 You may transfer your ticket to someone else, but you must inform the Organiser of the change of Participant details at least 72 hours (3 days) before the date of the Event. The Organiser cannot be held responsible if you do not notify them of changes to your booking in good time, and the new Participant may not be able to take part in the Event. The Organiser is not obliged to accept the transferred ticket if these conditions have not been met. 
3.9 If you have chosen to fundraise for a charity as part of your preparation for the Event and/or have set up a fundraising page but do not participate in the Event for any reason, and/or you transfer your ticket to another person, you will still be liable for the fundraising target.
3.10 Event day information will be emailed to you approximately two weeks before the Event. This will include details of how to collect your free Bubble Rush t-shirt.  You will need to print off or download your Entry Confirmation email to the Event to claim your t-shirt(s).
3.11 If you want to take part in a group, please make sure you enter in the same start wave as it will not be possible to make changes to your entry once a wave is full.
3.12 The Organiser reserves the right to alter the wave start times for any reason. If this happens, you will be notified by email and further instructions will be provided on our social media channels and the Website.

4. Charity and sponsorship
4.1 By signing up to take part in Bubble Rush, you understand that this Event has a nominated Charity Partner and you have the option to make a donation as part of your Registration Fee or include some fundraising for the Charity Partner as part of your preparation for the Event.
4. 2 After you have registered for the Event you will receive an email from the Charity Partner with further details. You are advised to check the Privacy Policy on the Charity Partner’s website and set your ongoing communications preferences with them. Ongoing communication from the Organiser will relate to the Event, but may also include information about, or supplied by, the Charity Partner.
4.3 For full details of how Chicken Salad Events Ltd collects and manages your personal information please read our Privacy Policy.

5. Safety
5.1 The Event is not a timed race and is non-competitive. Participants can walk, jog or run and bypass bubble stations if necessary.
5.2 The Participant acknowledges that participation in and training for the Event involves potentially dangerous physical activity and carries with it inherent risks and dangers which cannot be eliminated completely, which, without prejudice to this clause, may include accidents, personal injury (ranging from minor discomfort to catastrophic injuries and death) and loss or damage to property due to falls, obstacles, contact with other Participants, the acts and/or omissions of other Participants, the effects of weather, traffic conditions and the conditions of any road or path. By completing the Online Registration Form, the Participant confirms that, to the best of their knowledge, they are healthy and fit to take part. They understand and have considered and evaluated the nature, scope and extent of the risks involved (including, without limitation, the risks listed above), and have voluntarily and freely chosen to assume all risks associated with training for and participating in the Event (except where any such personal and bodily injury, including death, is caused by the negligence of the Organiser).
5.3 Participants are recommended to seek advice from their medical practitioner prior to taking part in this event and make provisions to ensure their safe participation. Medical assistance will be available during Bubble Rush (typically between 9.30am – 1.30pm).
5.4 Each Participant will be issued with a race number. Please ensure you complete the emergency contact information and provide any relevant medical information on the reverse and wear this number throughout the Event. The race number must be attached to your Bubble Rush t-shirt and be visible to event staff throughout the event.
5.5 You must wear the Bubble Rush t-shirt and race number so that the Event Marshalls and Organiser can easily identify you as a registered Participant.
5.6 For your safety and enjoyment of the event we ask that you follow and adhere to the instructions given by the Organisers and Event Marshals.
5.7 NO DOGS should be brought along to Bubble Rush and dogs must not be taken on the course or through the bubbles.
5.8 Participants are asked to come equipped with whatever necessary clothing, medication and nourishment is required to enable enjoyable and safe participation in this activity.
5.9 Please dress appropriately for the weather on the day. We suggest you bring a change of clothes for the journey home.
5.10 Participants should be aware that due to the ingredients used to colour the bubbles, staining may occur to clothing and temporarily colour your skin and/or hair. The event organisers take no responsibility for colour stains on shoes, clothing or other personal possessions of Participants at the Event.
5.11 Alcohol is not permitted at the Event. The Organiser reserves the right to refuse entry to anyone who is under the influence of alcohol, whether consumed prior to or during the Event.
5.12 We welcome wheelchair users; however the route will include grass and/or unpaved paths that are uneven and challenging in places. We advise you check your chair can accommodate this and you may wish to bring someone along to help. Please ensure that you have taken this into consideration before booking. If you would like further information, please contact the Organiser prior to booking.
5.13 The Organiser reserves the right to remove Participants from the Event at their absolute discretion if such action is considered necessary for safety reasons or the proper enjoyment of the Event by other Participants or for any other reasonable reason. No refund will be provided to any Participant removed from the Event.
6. Event Format and Cancellation
6.1The Organiser reserves the right to make any variation to the format of the Event that it deems necessary at its absolute discretion (including, but not limited to, variations in the distance, format, theme and number and/or type of obstacles and event merchandise) and shall not be obliged to offer a refund.
6.2 We aim to ensure the commencement of the Event, however, should a decision be necessary to postpone or cancel the Event, the Lead Name on the booking will receive an email. We recommend that Participants also look out for updates on our Website and social media channels: @bubblerush5k.
6.3 Should alterations to the Event be necessary to ensure the safety of our Participants, we will give as much prior notice as is reasonably possible. This could either be before the Event or on arrival at the Event and includes any changes to the start time and any additional wave start times.
6.4 We reserve the right to cancel or reschedule an Event in the event of an emergency (defined below). Under these circumstances the Organiser shall not be obliged to offer a refund.
6.5 In the event of a cancellation, we will endeavour to reschedule the Event and all entries will be automatically transferred to the new date.  If it is not possible to reschedule the event we will transfer the booking to the nearest available event.  If a Participant cannot make either a new event date or the alternative event, they can request a voucher for the equivalent price of the ticket(s) which can be used at a Bubble Rush event within the next calendar year. No refunds will be issued.
6.6 For the purposes of these Terms and Conditions, an “emergency” means any event beyond the control of the Organiser, including but not limited to inclement weather, earthquake, flood, acts of terrorism, civil war, nuclear, chemical or biological contamination, any law or action taken by a government, public authority or venue owner, epidemic or pandemic, public health emergency, fire, threatened or actual strike, labour difficulty or work stoppage, insurrection, war, public disaster, or unavoidable casualty.

7. Alteration to the Event due to COVID-19: The Organiser is committed to complying with all legislation and government guidance and will comply with any additional requirements imposed by the Event Venue and/or local authorities in order to operate a COVID-safe event.
7.1 Participants are required to follow the current public health guidance at the time of the Event. Participants should not attend the Event if they, or anyone in their household or support bubble, is displaying symptoms of COVID-19.
7.2 All Participants agree that they shall at all times ensure that the Organiser has up-to-date details, in particular their name and contact details, so that the Organiser may contact them if necessary, in line with any government track and trace protocols.
7.3 Should it be necessary to cancel the Event for reasons caused by COVID-19 or any other Contagious Disease or public health concern, our cancellation and ticket transfer policy (as detailed above in clause 6.4 and 6.5) will apply.
7.4 The Organiser reserves the right to deliver an Adjusted Event, in whole or in part, without liability to the Participant, if in the Organiser’s opinion, changes to the Event are required to minimise the transmission of, and protect the Participants from, any Contagious Disease or public health concern.
7.5 If the Organiser organises an Adjusted Event or if the Event takes place while Contagious Disease Affected Controls are in place, then the Participant agrees to comply with the following:
7.5.1 Abide by all rules, regulations and guidance provided by the UK government and/or local government that are in place to minimise the transmission of, and protect individuals from, any Contagious Disease or public health concern, including without limitation any requirement to socially distance from other people, to wear a mask and to wash hands regularly.
7.5.2 Abide by all instructions and guidance issued by the Organiser or their representatives either prior to the Event or on the Event day to minimise the transmission of, and protect individuals from, any Contagious Disease or public health concern.

8 Data protection – How we will use your personal information:
8.1 For the purposes of the Data Protection Laws the controller of any personal data processed under these Terms and Conditions is the Organiser.
8.2The Organiser takes its responsibilities under the Data Protection Laws seriously and will only process your personal data in accordance with its obligations under the Data Protection Laws. More information about how the Organiser processes personal data is set out in our Privacy Policy.
8.3 The Organiser will only process your personal data in order to provide services in relation to the Event or where you have given us your consent to stay in touch with you. Consequently, it may be necessary for the Organiser to share your personal data with third parties (such as in the administration and organisation of the Event and future Events).
8.4 The Organiser takes the health of all Participants taking part in the Event extremely seriously and where it is considered necessary in order to protect the vital interests of the Participant, may:
8.4.1 Use any medical information supplied to treat or otherwise assist the Participant as a result of illness or injury at the Event;
8.4.2 Provide the Participant’s medical information to any Event medical provider, or any doctor or hospital for the purpose of providing the Participant with treatment; and
8.4.3 Use any emergency contact information provided by the Participant to inform the emergency contact of any incident at the Event.
8.5 After you have registered for Bubble Rush you will receive an email from the Charity Partner with details about fundraising and how funds you raise will support their work.  This information will include options for receiving communications from the Charity Partner so that you can choose how you want them to communicate with you. For full details of how the Charity Partner will use your information please read the Privacy Policy on their website.
8.6 After the Event we would like to keep you informed by email about other events we organise, including any future Bubble Rush 5k events in your region.   If you do not wish to receive these emails you can opt out at any time by following the link on the email newsletter.

9. Miscellaneous
9.1 If any provision in these Terms and Conditions, whether in full or in part, is held to be invalid or unenforceable, all other remaining provisions (in full or in part) shall continue to be valid and enforceable.
9.2 These Terms and Conditions shall be subject to the law of England and Wales and the Parties agree to submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Courts of England and Wales.
9.3 A person who is not party to the Terms and Conditions has no rights under the Contracts (Rights of Third Parties) Act 1999 to enforce any term of these Terms and Conditions.
9.4 The Participant may not assign, transfer or deal in any other manner with these Terms and Conditions or any of its rights under it without the prior written consent of the Organiser. The Organiser may assign or transfer its rights and obligations under these Terms and Conditions without the consent of the Participant.
9.5 These Terms and Conditions and the documents referred to herein constitute the entire agreement and understanding between the Parties and supersede any previous agreement between the parties relating to the subject matter herein. The Participant acknowledges that it has not, in entering into these Terms and Conditions, relied on any statement, representation or assurance that is not expressly set out in these Terms and Conditions or any document referred to herein.

If you have any questions about Bubble Rush please contact hello@bubble-rush.com or contact our office on 01270 524075