Update on Bubble Rush events

The impact of the extension of Step 3 restrictions has meant changes to the Bubble Rush calendar for July.

It’s fair to say that the extension to the Step 3 restrictions has caused more than a bit of disruption to our plans for Bubble Rush events in 2021.  We want to apologise to everyone who has had their plans upset because their chosen event has been cancelled or postponed, especially at the last minute.  We  understand how illogical this seems when (for example) thousands of football fans can gather, without tickets, and drink and cheer together, and we are not able to run a fun run around the local park. 

Although Bubble Rush events are taking place at Step 3 of the roadmap, the final decision on whether each event can go ahead lies with the local authority.  Every event is planned to follow the current guidance for outdoor events and organised sporting events, and there is a detailed Risk Assessment and Event Plan in place, covering every aspect of health and safety including COVID-19 procedures. These plans are reviewed by the local authority’s ‘Safety Advisory Group’, which is made up of representatives from across the authority, including public and environmental health, our event venue and representatives from the emergency services. 

If a local authority advises us that the event should not go ahead due to the current COVID situation in the area  we have no alternative but to follow that advice. 

Making last minute changes to an event doesn’t just upset our customers, it has an impact on our charity partners, our volunteers and our team who have been working hard to plan every aspect of the event. It is never an easy decision to take, but in 2021 we have to accept that disruption to our lives is going to keep happening. 

When we are forced to change our plans our first option is always to try and reschedule the event to later in the year.  In 2021 this is a challenge, with pressure on venues and uncertainty about the restrictions easing.  The next option is to give people the chance to attend an alternative event in the area, where that is a possibility.  Alternatively they can opt to receive a credit voucher for an event next year.  

Like many event organisers we are offering customers the option of event cancellation insurance, and we’d recommend adding this small extra cost to your purchase to protect you against last minute changes to the event or your circumstances.  

We want to thank everyone for their continued understanding as we navigate along the roadmap. 


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