Getting ready to take on the bubbles!

What should I wear to Bubble Rush? It’s one of the most frequently asked questions we get asked, so as event season gets closer we thought we’d share our top tips for getting ready to take on the bubbles!

The most important thing is to wear something comfortable! Whether you’re planning to jog, walk or dance around the course remember it’s 3 miles in total, so you need gear that’s going to help you go the distance.  So we definitely recommend trainers rather than flip flops.  Running shorts, sweat pants or trackies (there’s debate in the office about what to call them, so we hope you know what we mean) are better than jeans as they are designed to be quick drying.

Don’t wear your best new gear!  Don’t forget you’ll get a white Bubble Rush t-shirt to wear on the day.   However this won’t be white by the time you cross the finish line!  The colour we use to create our foamtastic bubbles is a food colouring – it will definitely add colour to your t-shirt and possibly your hair and skin too.  The colour does wash out of most clothes, and any staining on your skin will only be temporary – but you may want to cover up with a shower cap if you have a hot date later that day or a job interview tomorrow!

Younger bubblers love getting covered in the foam and turning themselves a new shade of green or blue! However it’s a good idea to include some eye protection for children when they’re diving through the foam – the bubbles are a very mild soap (milder than bubble bath) but can still sting a bit if they get in your eyes.  So packing swimming goggles is a great idea.

The foam is very light and you’ll get damp rather than soaking wet, but it’s a good idea to bring a towel and a spare t-shirt and pair of socks for the journey home. 

So once you have your basic outfit sorted it’s time to add some extra colour – the brighter the better, and that’s where our Bubble Rush merchandise can help!  Our range includes sunglasses, head bands, wristbands and sun visors.  You can pre-order rainbow packs when you sign up, and we’ll have them ready to pick up on event day.

It’s not too late to add our colourful accessories if you’ve already signed up – just go back into your booking confirmation email, click on the link to update your registration and you can add items from there.

With summer events just around the corner we can’t wait to see all your amazing outfits!


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