Bubble Rush is accredited by the Safe Event Scheme

We are delighted to announce that Bubble Rush events have been accredited by the Safe Event Scheme – a quality mark for event organisers which demonstrates that our events are planned and managed to the most up-to-date requirements, including COVID-19 protocols.

The Safe Event Scheme was launched in 2020 in response to the COVID-19 challenge, to demonstrate to venues, contractors and participants that an event has been planned to, and complies with, current restrictions and requirements.  In order to be accredited by the scheme event plans are audited by a board of professionals from across the sector.

We wanted Bubble Rush events to earn the Safe Event Scheme accreditation because it demonstrates to our participants that we take planning every detail of their experience seriously.  We want people to feel confident that we are following the latest guidance and best practices, not just in relation to COVID-safe measures but across all areas of planning the event.

We want everyone at Bubble Rush to have fun in the foam, especially this year as restrictions are eased following the pandemic; Bubble Rush is all about having fun in the colourful foam, but planning the events is a serious business.  With our events resuming in June we hope that when people see the Safe Event Scheme logo it will give them some extra reassurance that every step has been taken to ensure their safety. 

The auditing process for the scheme is extremely robust and challenging.   Events accredited by Safe Event Scheme have been verified to ensure they:

1. Do not compromise public health

2. Follow current guidance on COVID-19

3. Do not place an undue burden on civil resources (such as health care, emergency services etc.)

4. Have the right infrastructure and management in place to keep everyone safe.

We are very pleased that Bubble Rush will be going into the 2021 events season with this quality mark.

Chicken Salad Events Limited / April 2021


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