Update on Bubble Rush events April – June 2020

The COVID-19 outbreak has had a major impact on the Bubble Rush events calendar, and on the charities supported by the fun run events. Our priority has to be to follow the Government guidance for the safety of all of us. But we hope the measures we're taking to reorganise events will enable as many people as possible to be part of Bubble Rush in 2020, and show their support for our charity partners.

Just a few weeks ago we were looking forward to our 2020 outdoor events season, starting in Blackpool and then taking Bubble Rush to 50 locations around the UK.

Last year over 60,000 people around the country joined us in the bubbles – and more than £1.5m was raised for charity.  Every Bubble Rush is organised in partnership with a local hospice or NHS hospital charity, and this is something we are very proud of.  With more events planned than ever before, we’d hoped to beat that achievement in 2020. We still hope that will be possible.

The impact of the Government restrictions on our charity partners has had enormous implications on their fundraising activities: Events income is a major source of revenue for them and suddenly this income stream is no longer available. We can only hope it won’t be like this for too long.  No one disputes that measures had to be taken to protect public health, but the reality is that the vital work of local hospices to continue to care for people suffering from terminal or life-limiting conditions is going to be affected.

Since the restrictions came into force our priority has been to reschedule events to later in the year.  We have been working closely with our charity partners and venues to move events scheduled in April, May and June.  We are nearly there, but in some cases, events have had to move back to 2021 and for others, we are waiting on the venues to decide whether we can have a new date this year, as Bubble Rush is not the only event asking to be moved.  All we can do in these cases is be patient and hope for the best. As soon as we are able to, we will contact everyone who has bought tickets for the affected events with an update.

We hope that life will be returning to some kind of ‘normality’ in 12 weeks’ time, and that from July people will be able to get back to taking part in events like Bubble Rush as a way to get together with their friends and family and enjoy the summer weather.  As all our events are supporting charities working directly with, or supporting, NHS hospitals and hospice charities working closely with the health service we hope people will also want to take part to show their appreciation of their amazing work during the Coronavirus crisis.

If your chosen Bubble Rush is affected

If your chosen Bubble Rush is rescheduled you will be contacted by the event organiser.  This will either be the hospice charity or Extreme Adventure, owner of Bubble Rush. Each event organiser has their own policy on transfers and refunds.  The event organiser will set out the options available to you. Options might include transferring to another fundraising event organised by the charity, transferring your ticket to someone else or moving to another Bubble Rush.

Don’t rush to decide what to do!

We do realise that it’s impossible to know so far ahead if you will or won’t be able to take part.  So if you are not sure right now, our advice is to not rush to make a decision – transfers and updates to tickets can be made up to 48 hours before the event date.  Unlike many event organisers you will not be charged a fee for making amendments to a booking. 

You can check these Terms & Conditions on the organiser’s website. Visit the event page to find the links.

Why can’t I get a refund ?

Extreme Adventure is a small business and we have been severely impacted by the current situation.   We hope our customers will understand that in order to try and preserve the business and be able to keep events running once restrictions are lifted we have a ‘no refund’ policy.  In fact, this has always been our policy, it is not something we have added to take advantage of this particular situation.  

Whilst we can’t offer refunds for rescheduled events we will do what we can to offer alternative options to people who cannot attend their chosen event on the new date.  We hope that in future weeks and months we will be able to include transfer to the same event in 2021 – but at the moment we cannot make this commitment, and so it is not currently available as an option. 

We are very proud of how Bubble Rush has grown, and the funds our bubblers have raised for local good causes in the last six years.  We want to reassure our customers that we are doing everything we can to rearrange our calendar and find a solution for everyone who has signed up for an affected event.  Please bear with us a few more weeks as we navigate this fast-moving situation. As soon as we have any update we will post here and contact anyone who has messaged us about their event.  

If you have any questions about your event please contact us via the form on this website or email us info@extreme-adventure.co.uk.  Our office is currently closed but emails are being monitored and someone will respond as soon as possible.

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